Which PS3 games are you most excited about?

“Screw this X06 crap, screw Microsoft, and screw that Peter Moore guy!” I’m sure some of you are thinking it, X06 has gotta be a hard time for PS3 fans. Growing up trying to support the Cleveland Browns, I know how it feels when everyone else seems to be having way more fun than you are. But as much as I hate PS3, I have to admit a few good games other than MGS4 are starting to show up. Bladestorm looks epic enough to make all of Return of the King look like the Teletubbies, and White Knight Story is the type of Final Fantasy game I’ve been waiting a decade to play. And I’ll even compliment Sony for the creation of Afrika, creating 3D explorable worlds shouldn’t just be all about puzzles and headshots.So check out the above video and after the jump if you haven’t seen them yet, and let us know what PS3 exclusive games you are looking forward to the most. Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall of Man, White Knight Story, Lair, Afrika, and even Tony Hawk’s Project 8 are my picks.

Tom Fronczak