Which Cosmoem evolution is better in Pokémon GO?

You decide!

May the odds be slightly in your favor.

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It’s annoying to hear that there’s no clear choice, but in the case of choosing the best evolution of Cosmoem in Pokémon GO, there isn’t a glaring, obvious choice. There are pros and cons to both Solgaleo and Lunala, but choosing Solgaleo might give you the slightest advantage. However, one key factor to consider when choosing one over the other is how much of a risk are you willing to take.

If you’re here, you have Cosmoem already. Your funky little cosmic dust cloud has become a “cocoon of the stars.” Unlike Cosmog, Cosmoem isn’t getting blown away by a light breeze. But if it’s time to upgrade, your choices are the Psychic Steel Solgaleo or the Psychic Ghost Lunala. Let’s have a closer look at both.

How to evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo or Lunala

You’ll need to spend 100 Cosmog Candies, and either evolve them during the day or during the night.

Evolving them during the day will transform them into Solgaleo, and evolving them at night will turn them into Lunala.

Credit: Official Pokédex Website



From a colorful cloud to a galaxy in a cage, the evolution to Solgaleo is a glow-up. This 11-foot-tall lion is made entirely of metal. It also kind of reminds me of Zoids, so that’s a plus in my book. Sticking with the space theme, Solgaleo is named after the sun, and its face somewhat resembles the sun’s rays. It keeps a bit of Cosmoem’s aesthetic in its forehead, which looks like stars under glass. It also radiates light and can travel through Ultra Wormholes.

With an attack of 255, a defense of 191, and a stamina of 264, Solgaleo is a sturdy Pokémon with a max HP of 220. The downside is that it is vulnerable to several types. Fire, Dark, Ground, and Ghost types are all weaknesses of the sun lion. This means there’s a greater chance of facing off against an opponent who can do a bit of damage. However, it still has a large number of resistances. Maybe the most useful is the resistance to fellow Steel-type Pokémon.



Lunala is a funky-looking Pokémon largely modeled after the moon. It looks a bit like a bat but retains the gold shell that Cosmoem had. When it attacks, its wings fan out, making it look almost perfectly circular and a third eye glows on its forehead.

Lunala has the same attack and defense stats as Solgaleo, but it only has two weaknesses: Dark-type Pokémon and other Ghost-types. However, these types are super-effective against Lunala, dealing 4 times the damage. While there are fewer types to be worried about, facing off against the wrong opponent could be an impossible battle.

The Best Bet

If Lunala had higher stats, I would say go for the bat! Lunala grew on me. It gives me Dracula vibes, which is always a win. The dangly stars, the glowing third eye, the little collar, and pointy fingers. It just looks like a vampire that has gone down a spiritual path. I fully expect it to have a nest filled with healing crystals and Tarot cards.

However, strategically, Solgaleo is the safer bet. You may run into more weaknesses with the lion, but at least you could have a shot at winning if you’re leveled up enough. That being said, I wouldn’t blame you for choosing Lunala just because it looks cool.

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