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Pokémon GO codes (April 2024)

Catch all the latest Pokémon GO codes!

Updated: April 18, 2024

We looked for the latest codes!

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I always get an adrenaline rush whenever I add a new Pokémon to my Pokédex, but catching them all is far from easy, especially when you run out of Pokéballs. Luckily, you don’t always have to look for the nearest PokéStop, hoping you’ll find Pokéballs there.

Pokémon GO codes can make your experience even more fun because they provide a lot of useful freebies. Besides the always-needed Pokéballs, you can also obtain Stardust or even an exclusive clothing item so you can customize your avatar and catch Pokémon in style. If you’re interested in other Pokémon-inspired games, check out our Project Polaro codes article to get freebies that will help you complete your Pokédex in this game as well!

All Pokémon GO codes list

Pokémon GO codes (Working)

  • CAPTAINPIKACHU—Redeem to activate the encounter
  • 0HY0UF0UNDM3—Redeem for the Research for a Shiny Rotom
  • FENDIxFRGMTxPOKEMON—Redeem for the FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON hoodie for your avatar

Pokémon GO codes (Expired)


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How to redeem codes in Pokémon GO

Regardless of whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can redeem Pokémon GO codes by following the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Pokémon GO
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  1. Go to the Niantic Offer Redemption website.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Input the code you want to redeem into the Enter offer code text box.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Go back to Pokémon GO to see what freebies you received.

How to get more Pokémon GO codes

Niantic typically doesn’t release Pokémon GO codes often—when they do, those promo codes are a part of sponsored partnerships and special events. These codes can be found on their social media channels, including:

If you don’t feel like scrolling through the official socials every day, there’s an easier solution. Bookmark this page to get the most recent codes quickly. We monitor the game’s social media regularly and add the codes as soon as they drop, so come back occasionally to get the latest freebies.

Why are my Pokémon GO codes not working?

Make sure your Pokémon GO codes are typed in exactly as they appear if you’re experiencing issues. Instead of entering them manually, consider copying the codes from the Working list above and pasting them into the text box. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, the code has expired. Codes for Pokémon GO are only valid for as long as the promotion is running, so act quickly.

Other ways to get free rewards in Pokémon GO

Besides Pokémon GO codes, free items, such as potions, berries, and Pokéballs, can be found at PokéStops, so do your best to explore the world around you as much as possible. You can also claim a daily gift by clicking on the Pokéball at the bottom of your screen and then on the Shop button (scroll down until you see the daily gift button). Another option is to participate in special events to win some stickers, EXP, and other freebies.

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is an AR mobile game available on both iOS and Android. Explore the real world around you while catching Pokémon in real life (the game uses your location to show you where to find Pokémon in real time). Play with your friends, meet other trainers, trade with them, or team up to win Poké battles. And if you need additional help completing your Pokédex, redeem the codes listed above!

If you want to know how to get freebies in other mobile games, check out our dedicated Codes section to get codes for numerous famous titles—just don’t hesitate for too long!

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