Here’s a breakdown of Final Fantasy XIV’s blowout July broadcast stream

Final Fantasy XIV's blowout July broadcast

It STARTS at 6PM PT on July 9

Final Fantasy XIV is dropping a ton of news in just over a week, but you’ll need to stay up late (or wake up early!) for it, depending on where you live. The team is planning another “14-hour broadcast” event, which is pretty much a holiday for hardcore FFXIV fans. I’m calling it Final Fantasy XIV‘s blowout July broadcast.

Start planning now, because it kicks off on Friday, July 9 at 6PM PT. That’s the start time! Thankfully the big part is airing first, as the “Letter from the Producer Live [Part LXV]” event will run from 8PM PT through 9PM PT. For reference, that’s where the team shares a lot of the big updates for future patches/expansions, including content drops and nuanced quality of life upgrades.

After that is “How Do You Like Hydaelyn,” a chill stream involving learning to use a Blue Mage, followed by Soken’s play by play: a commentary from the game’s sound director Masayoshi Soken. Then there’s the “Our Tales of Adventure” segment, which features fans of the game, and “Hiroyuki Versus Yoshi-P Round 9,” which is the first time in five years that Naoki Yoshida and Hiroyuki have discussed the game.

You can find the full schedule below, as well as the places to watch it.

You can watch it here on YouTube:

Here on Nicovideo, and here on Twitch.

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