Where to get Glowing Titan Orbs in WoW Dragonflight

They’re farmable pretty early on

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As one of the countless currencies in WoW Dragonflight, Glowing Titan Orbs can be used for a variety of transmog cosmetics: provided that you also have some Dragon Isles Supplies, and Serevite Ore. Here’s how to find the Glowing Titan Orb part of the equation, as well as where to use them.

You’ll farm Glowing Titan Orbs the fastest from Disoriented Watchers

The easiest mob to farm for Glow Titan Orbs are Disoriented Watchers (note: these are elite creatures, so you may need some help): which are located in the eastern portion of The Waking Shores (the first area you enter in the Dragonflight expansion), coordinates 67.5, 56.6. There is a confirmed 3%~ chance for them to drop Glowing Titan Orbs, so keep your eye on the prize even if you don’t get a ton upfront. Interrupt Bulwark of Order and dodge Tyr’s Wrath, and you’ll be OK.

You can find full visual guides of the location of Disoriented Watchers in the gallery above, as well as images of what they look like.

You can also get an edge from the Watcher Koranos questline (level 70)

You can pick up a questline (The Magic Within) that makes farming faster with a powerful ability.

At level 70, speak to Watcher Koranos (the rock person race from the initial expansion cinematic), located at the Seat of Aspects (the center of Valdrakken). Take the portal at the top of the stairs, and turn left to find them.

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Where to spend Glowing Titan Orbs in WoW Dragonflight

You can spend Glowing Titan Orbs at faction quartermasters, like Samia Inkling (Sabellian), who is located at 24.5, 56.5 in The Waking Shores.

You’ll find the exact location of Samia Inkling in the gallery above.

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