Where to find Thunderbolt TM 126 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to find Thunderbolt TM 126 in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

It’s just above the Asado Desert

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It’s about that time when folks are spending tons of effort to find the perfect PVE raid and PVP builds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: coaxing out all of the abilities they need out of the ideal party. Sometimes you may even need to pick up a move or two, which gets tougher the more Pokemon you train. For instance, I never knew I hadn’t picked up a Thunderbolt TM throughout my entire two-game run, but managed to finally find it eventually.

Here’s where you can easily pick up Thunderbolt from the wild, without much effort at all.

Where to find Thunderbolt TM 126

To grab Thunderbolt, all you need to do is head to Porto Marinada, which is directly above the Asado Desert. I think of it like an extension of Cascarrafa: which fits, as it’s a required place to visit during the Cascarrafa gym test. Just veer east next to a series of mountains, and you’ll find Thunderbolt lying on the ground in the exact location above.

Thunderbolt is one of the more iconic electric moves in the Pokemon franchise: and has a power of 90 (accuracy of 100), with a 10% chance to paralyze an opponent.

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