Where to find the Lodge in Starfield

Your first home on your intergalactic journey.

The Lodge is a place you’ll probably visit most often during the Starfield campaign. You visit the site early on before jetting off toward your next adventure. But the universe is a big place, and somehow we forgot about GPS in the future. If you need to hurry back to the Lodge in Starfield but forgot where to find it, read on.

You visit the Lodge for the first time during the opening hours of the Starfield story. In the mission One Small Step, you are asked to visit New Atlantis on the planet Jameson in the Alpha Centauri star system. This massive city quickly becomes your home away from home, which makes the Lodge your home in your home away from home. It makes sense, sort of.

Head to New Atlantis to find the Lodge in Starfield

To find the Lodge, leave your ship at the spaceport and veer left toward the monorail. Take it to the Mast District and head up the ramp. Walk along the path with the water feature on the left until you reach a staircase. Head up the stairs and hug the right wall until you see a gray building covered in vines. That’s the Lodge.

Where to find the Lodge in Starfield staircase
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What can you do in the Lodge?

The Lodge contains many useful features as your base of operations. After walking through the front door, head through the double doors to your right (they’re to the left of the staircase). Follow the stairs down to the basement, where you can find a Research Station, a Weapon Workbench, a Cooking Station, a Pharmaceutical Lab, an Industrial Workbench, and a Spacesuit Workbench. There’s also a mission board nearby where you can claim some quests for Constellation.

Where to find the Lodge in Starfield basement
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Where to find your room in the Lodge

You need a place to rest your weary head in Starfield, and for that you can find it in your room at the Lodge. Once you enter the front doors, take a sharp right and head up the stairs. Go through the third set of doors to your right and walk down the hallway. Turn left once you reach the hallway’s end and then enter the second set of double doors on your left. This is your room, where you can dream precious dreams of finding all the resources to craft your weapon mods. Or something.

Where to find the Lodge in Starfield room
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