Where to find Titanium in Starfield – Titanium Farming Guide

You’ll need a Ti for this event.

If you plan on crafting in Starfield, be prepared to hoard a massive quantity of materials. Upgrading weapons is almost a must in Bethesda’s space-faring RPG, and titanium is among the most important early on. Many weapon mods require the precious resource and, at first, the metal seems hard to come by. But farming titanium in Starfield isn’t as challenging once you know where to find it.

Two ways to find and farm titanium in Starfield

Mine from a nearby star system

As with many materials, titanium is gathered in several ways in Starfield. The go-to way is, of course, to jet off into the black and hunt down a celestial body containing the stuff. That feels like a daunting task at first, as many nearby planets early in the game seem to be titanium-free. But there is a star system you can travel to near the start of the game that contains plenty of titanium to discover. And you may find it quite familiar.

Travel to the Sol system where our poor husk of planet Earth can be found and pitied. Titanium is located in a couple places here: Saturn’s moon of Titan (naturally) and Pluto. If you plan on mining to farm titanium in Starfield, I suggest heading to Titan first. There, you’ll discover the backwater colony of New Homestead, which contains a shop, some quests, and a dandy little tour.

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Once you’re on the surface of Titan, head out with your scanner and hunt down titanium nodes found on various rocks. There are also places where titanium is underground, allowing you to gather it via an outpost and a Resource Extractor. Another valuable crafting material, tungsten, is found here, too. Be sure to grab some while you’re galivanting about. If you’re looking to find titanium in Starfield, note that it has a mass of 0.5. The weight quickly adds up, so consider increasing your carry capacity.

There are dozens of other places that contain titanium. To find out which ones, scan planets and moons to get a list of minable resources and their respective periodic element. For titanium, you’re looking for the ‘Ti’ symbol.

Buy titanium at a shop

The best way to find and farm titanium in Starfield is by purchasing it. Leave all that dusty mining work behind and spend those hard-earned credits instead. Titanium can be bought from a variety of shops for a reasonable 12 credits each.

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The earliest storefront you can visit that sells titanium is Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis. It’s the first major city you visit in the game and impossible to miss. The shop is near the spaceport. To find it, head toward the main tower and walk slightly to the left until you spot it. The most ideal shop to purchase titanium and most other resources is the Trade Authority. You can find one in almost all the major colonies ranging from The Key to Neon.

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