Where to find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector In Destiny 2

The not-so-bustling streets of Neomuna

Since the launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall, players have had new environments, new missions, and new lost sectors to tackle in the newly discovered city of Neomuna on Neptune. Some players have expressed confusion at the seemingly sparse streets and lack of population, before realizing that the fuzzy yellow entities at the side of the roads are supposed to resemble the digitally uploaded versions of Neomuna’s residents.

Part of discovering all of Neomuna is, well, discovering all of Neomuna. That includes the area’s new lost sector, Hydroponics Delta. The difficulty level for this section could be pretty inaccessible if you’re just jumping into Destiny 2, so try to ensure you’ve completed the Lightfall campaign for a helpful power level boost. As it stands, the recommended power level for the Hydroponics Delta lost sector on normal difficulty is 1750 whilst the legend difficulty is 1830. The benefit of toughing it out against the legend difficulty version is the chance to get an Exotic item, as well as progress your Guardian Rank up to 8. The added obstacles that you will face include locked equipment, extra shields, champions, and threats. Threats are specific damage types that will affect you more, so be sure to prepare your loadout well.

Where to find the Hydroponics Delta lost sector

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Once your loadout is sorted and you’re ready to dive into the Hydroponics Delta lost sector, you’ll need to find it first. Even if the rotation lands on Hydroponics Delta at the daily reset making it your opportunity to tick off another legend difficulty lost sector, it won’t show on the map until you’ve completed it at least once at normal difficulty. Firstly, head to Zephyr Concourse on Neomuna and travel along the overpass area. There is an area with a lost sector symbol marked on the wall. Look directly across from there to the right to see a small yellow glowing platform or balcony. Jump here from the steps and you can enter the Hydroponics Delta lost sector.

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Head inside and follow the path until you find a hydroponics area. It’s actually pretty fascinating to see how the residents of Neomuna are keeping themselves well-fed. There’s a spot in the floor that is open, jump down here and you’ll stumble across some of Calus’ Shadow Legion forces. Remove those, and work your way through.

What to expect in the Hydroponics Delta lost sector

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After clearing the Shadow Legion enemies, a second area will open up to show more of the food production area. More Cabal will spawn to face you, so eliminate these and then follow a passage which the food tubes are heading towards, and face the final boss.

You’ll come head-to-head with Valus Dravusk of the Shadow Legion. Dravusk is a bit of a bullet sponge and hits back hard, and he will continue to spawn Shadow Legion reinforcements as you fight him. There’s plenty of cover here though, so you’ll always have a good spot to hide throughout the boss fight.  After defeating Valus Dravusk, claim the loot from the chest and return to Neomuna. You can now face the Hydroponics Delta lost sector on higher difficulty settings.

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