How to unlock Terminal Overload in Destiny 2

How to start Terminal Overload

Destiny 2: Lightfall introduced a new campaign as well as post-campaign quests, missions, and activities all located throughout the newly discovered city of Neomuna on Neptune. One such activity is Terminal Overload. The activity can be stumbled upon whilst patrolling the area, but can also be launched via a node on the Neomuna overworld map. There are a few different ways to gain access to Terminal Overload.

Terminal Overload is a public activity that happens throughout Neomuna. The location depends on which daily cycle you try to access it on, as it has three different locations which rotate each day at reset time. After reaching rank 11 with Nimbus, Guardians can launch Terminal Overload directly from the map’s node and fast travel to the starting point, which is helpful for efficiency when trying to complete bounties, seasonal challenges, or just unlock chests. Through loading in, via the node, you can also team up with up to two friends to complete the Terminal Overload activity together.

Terminal Overload rotation

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As mentioned, the Terminal Overload locations cycle through three possible options. The public activity will either be in Ahimsa Park, Zephyr Concourse, or Liming Harbor. Terminal Overload rewards also cycle throughout these three days and seem to be that the Strand submachine gun Synchronic Roulette will be rewarded in Zephyr Concourse, the Strand heavy machine gun Circular Logic will be rewarded in Liming Harbor, and the Void shotgun Basso Ostinato will be rewarded in Ahimsa Park. For Guardians looking to add a strong Strand weapon to their loadout, Terminal Overload is a great place to farm.

How to complete Terminal Overload

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The chaos of Terminal Overload can be tricky to overcome, and completing it with friends or others sharing the same public instance as you is your strongest chance of success. The recommended power level for the mission is up to 1810, which is the Season of Defiance pinnacle cap, or the highest level you can reach this season. When you load into an instance of Terminal Overload, the activity can be started by shooting three small cruxes around a giant Cabal Psion. Waves of Shadow Legion forces will then storm the area, and you must defeat as many as possible. Mind the Thresher, it’s lethal!

From here there are a series of objectives to complete such as taking down a Vex miniboss, capturing plates, seeking out Psion strikers, and defeating a duo of Vex bosses. The objectives are clearly labeled in the top left and the next location is marked in the world, so it shouldn’t be difficult to seek out the next area to overthrow.

What are Terminal Overload keys?

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Terminal Overload keys grant access to a second chest to unlock after the event is finished. To get these keys you will need to first complete the Lightfall campaign and then follow the quests granted by the archivist Quinn, located in the Hall of Heroes area. The Stargazer quest she gives is the one that teaches Guardians about how to use Terminal Overload keys and grants the ability to then collect them from patrols, public events, chests, and bounties in Neomuna.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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