Where to find the Cybertron Cannon Mythic weapon in Fortnite Wilds

Where to find the Cybertron Cannon mythic weapon in Fortnite

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is here, offering players plenty of new weapons to check out across this wild season. With the arrival of the Transformers on the Fortnite island, there is even the Cybertron Cannon weapon for players to collect.

This Mythic-level weapon is one of the most powerful items this season, due to its explosive capabilities. It is an arm cannon that the player carries around when they have it equipped and can fire massive blasts of energy at foes.

The best part is that it fires much faster than they may be used to with rocket launchers and the like, while still retaining that high area-of-effect damage. This makes the cannon perfect for destroying structures and taking on more than one enemy at a time.

Where to find the Cybertron Cannon Mythic weapon in Fortnite

As for how to get your hands or claws on one of these Cybertron Cannons in Fortnite Wilds, you’ll have to look around the world. There is, technically, no way to guarantee you’ll find one of these weapons, so you’ll have to rely on some luck.

That said, I find that the Cybertron Cannons are quite common this season, similar to the Attack on Titan weapons from last season. You can find this cannon on the ground as floor loot or in random treasure chests.

If you can find a legendary chest, there is even a much higher chance of locating one of these cannons. There is always the possibility that Epic Games will add a new Transformers-themed limited-time boss to the island this season, which might be another great way to get this cannon.

For now, though, there is one way to give yourself the best chance of finding a cannon, and it is going to be quite the competitive one.

You can also find Cybertron Cannons at Rumble Ruins

Where to find the Cybertron Cannon mythic weapon in Fortnite
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What you want to do is head to Rumble Ruins, one of the three new points of interest on the Fortnite Wilds map. When you get here, head to the vault right in the middle of this jungle. What’s intriguing about this vault is that you don’t need a vault key to open it up.

Instead, you have to sacrifice an item to the vault entrance to open it up. It can be any item of your choosing, so long as it is an epic-level rarity or higher. I found an epic item in this area, like the new Kinetic Boomerang, the couple of times I tried this, so it was pretty easy to do.

Once you send your poor epic item to the great beyond, the vault door opens up and lets you find a Cybertron Cannon and a bunch of chests with other goodies inside.

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