Fortnite patch v24.20 is a big one – adds Attack on Titan content

The Dirt Bike and Port-a-Bunker have been unvaulted, too

Fortnite is roughly halfway into its second season of Chapter 4, and that means it’s Attack on Titan time. On top of the ODM (Omni-directional mobility gear) grappling system, there are also a few Titan dummies strewn about the world to slice, as well as some more challenges. Let’s take a look at everything Fortnite patch v24.20 added in.

All the Attack on Titan stuff arriving in Fortnite

  • The Eren Jaeger (main character) skin can be unlocked for battle pass owners by completing certain quests, on top of extras like Attack on Titan sprays and back bling.
  • Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann are premium shop outfits.
  • The ODM gear allows players to grapple around (like the web shooters or grappling hook in the past): with the ability to slice/attack and hover.
  • Thunder Spears are a new weapon type: they’re arm-launched and are explosive.
  • Scout Regiment lockers (themed chests) are scattered throughout the map and contain the aforementioned items.
  • The small Jaeger’s Family Basement area has been added.

The beloved dirt bike is back, as is the Port-a-Bunker

  • The Dirt Bike from the previous season has been unvaulted: which is another word for “returned to the item pool.” Though it will not be playable in arena or tournaments (like Thunder Spears).
  • The Port-A-Bunker is unvaulted in Zero Build as well.

Some guns have been tweaked

  • The Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun (which is super easy to get this season) has had its max headshot damage reduced.
  • The Mythic Overlocked Pulse Rifle had its accuracy and hipfire rate reduced, and the number of Pulse Rifle rewards have been reduced when capping a rift POI (like the floating island) in Trios and Squads.
  • Similarly, the Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun drop count in vaults has been reduced in Trios and Squads.
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