Where to find Paradiso in Starfield

A little slice of Paradiso.

Paradiso in Starfield

Paradiso in Starfield is aptly named. Known as a place for the very rich to hang out and enjoy wonderful weather and lots of luxury, you will end up wanting to go there at some point. It is highly likely that this will be as a part of the First Contact mission.

Where to find Paradiso

Porrima II in Starfield
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Paradiso is located in the Porrima system on Porrima II. The Porrima system can be reached from Alpha Centauri, the starting system, but jumping to Olympus, Volii, and then Porrima. If you have already been there and have enough range, you can jump straight to Porrima. The Paradiso node can be found on the surface, and the strange ship in orbit has an independent node that you can fly to. Doing so will allow you to dock with the strange ship.

When you first arrive at Porrima II, you will get a hail from Chief Sugiyama, the security officer at Paradiso. He is a bit weirded out by the ship in orbit and would like some help with it. Travel down to the planet, then head to the security office to chat with him. Whether you do or don’t wish to assist them is entirely up to you, but it is a worthwhile mission to complete.

It will actually lead to some pretty fun moral choices that you will need to make, so if you are trying to romance your current companion, make sure you are going to pick options that will fall into line with their likes and dislikes.

Other interesting things in the Porrima system

Seeing as you are already in the Porrima system, now is a good time to talk about the Red Mile that can be found on Porrima III. This is an unusual place that exists outside the law. You can buy useful things like shielded cargo holds there, or you can run the infamous Red Mile itself. This contest of endurance involves you trying to run up a hill while being chased by space dinosaurs. Sounds like fun!


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