Where to find Dinraal the Fire Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Where to find Dinraal the Fire Dragon in tears of the kingdom (TotK)

Scorching the sky

Throughout your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom, you may have seen some Dragons flying about. There’s four of them that soar through Hyrule’s overworld and Depths. Furthermore, they fly around on a constant loop, so finding them may be tricky. That said, it becomes a lot easier once you know where they’re going.

One of these Dragons is Dinraal, the Fire Dragon.

Where to find Dinraal the Fire Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom

Much like Naydra the Ice Dragon, Dinraal has a particular path that they follow. Pinpointing their route is the easiest way to come across them while on your quest.

Dinraal follows a path that snakes between the surface and the Depths. Initially, they will exit through the East Akalla Plains Chasm and soar through the sky, curving around the Akalla Ancient Tech Lab, and cruising along the north edge of the map. Afterwards, Dinrall will make its way to Drenan Highlands Chasm, where it’ll descend to the Depths, working a similar path back to the East Akalla Plains Chasm.

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There’s no set time at which Dinrall will appear. If you don’t see them on the surface, they’re working their way through the Depths. If you do happen upon Dinraal, you’ll need some Fireproof Elixirs or the Flamebreaker Armor set sold in Goron City. Dinraal will cause the air around it to catch on fire, so you’ll start taking damage fast.

Once you find Dinraal, you can harvest parts of their body by shooting applicable sections of them with an arrow. However, you’ll only be able to recover one every 10 real-life minutes.

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The items you can claim from Dinraal are:

  • Dinraal’s Claw: Shoot one of Dinraal’s Claws
  • Shard of Dinrall’s Horn: Shoot one of the Horns on Dinrall’s head.
  • Shard of Dinrall’s Spike: Shoot one of the many spikes on Dinraal’s back
  • Shard of Dinraal’s Fang: Shoot anywhere on Dinraal’s mouth.
  • Dinraal’s Scale: Shoot Dinraal, anywhere.
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