Where to find Courser Bee Honey in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Where to find Courser Bee Honey Tears of the Kingdom

Excellent for making stamina-replenishing food

If you happen to take on one of the longest side quest lines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then chances are you’ll need some Courser Bee Honey. This is one of the more elusive food items in the game, as you can’t just find honeybee hives all over Hyrule.

Where to find Courser Bee Honey in Tears of the Kingdom

Where to find Courser Bee Honey Tears of the Kingdom
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When undertaking the Great Fairy Fountain quest line, you are going to need some Courser Bee Honey. There are two main locations where you can reliably find this rare item. To get this honey, you must first locate a beehive.

Beehives are few and far between in Hyrule, but there are three main places where they’re often found. The first is near the “Honey, Bee Mine” side quest that you might even be doing right now. Look northeast of Kakariko Village and there is a chasm that leads to The Depths here. Right around this area is a forest where there are generally a couple of beehives.

The second location you should check out is the Windvane Meadow area. This is a small gathering of trees located southwest of Lookout Landing. Thanks to its convenient location, this makes it one of the best spots in the whole game to look for Courser Bee Honey.

Once you find one of these beehives, you’ll have to gather the hive itself by either climbing the tree to get it or try to knock it out of the tree using an arrow. Just watch out for the swarm of bees that will inevitably try to stop you from disturbing their resting place.

Finally, another way to get Courser Bee Honey is through “The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape” side quest. This is another part of the Great Fairy Fountain storyline and you will receive some honey as a reward for completing it.

What to do with Courser Bee Honey

There are two main purposes for the Courser Bee Honey in Tears of the Kingdom. The first is its use in the aforementioned Honey, Bee Mine quest. If you want to unlock the fairy relatively close to Kakariko Village and Dueling Peaks Stable, you’ll need three pieces of honey to convince Beetz to come back to the troupe.

In addition, you can use Courser Bee Honey yourself for a number of recipes. The most impressive one has to be the Energizing Honeyed Apple, which you can make using the following:

  • Apples or Golden Apples
  • Courser Bee Honey

You can mix and match the amounts of each item, so long as you have a total of five with both included. This great recipe not only replenishes your hearts, but a significant chunk of your stamina wheel, too.

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