Billson Mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom
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Where to find Billson Mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Is Nintendo playing a joke on us?

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The Billson Mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom seem hard to come by. You look all over the surrounding area, and there are none of them to find. Over and over again, you’ll probably scratch your head. Here’s everything you should know about Billson Mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Are there any Billson Mushrooms in Tears of the Kingdom?

At the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, that’s southeast of Hyrule Castle and west of Kakariko Village, you’ll meet a character named Billson. He asks you to return him mushrooms from the cave below. When given the task, you think that you’ll need Billson Mushrooms to proceed in Tears of the Kingdom and get access to the Skyview Tower. Maybe he needs the mushrooms to gain enough power to open the gate like Popeye with spinach. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Nintendo is joking around with you and uses the imaginary mushrooms as an incentive for you to enter the cave below.

Opening Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower Tears of the Kingdom
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How to get into the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower

Instead of finding mushrooms, you’ll need to use the ascend ability to get into the Sahasra Slope. In the cave below, break the rocks with a hammer, bombs, or bomb arrows. Once that section of the cave has been opened up, line up the Ascend ability until the sign goes green. Now, elevate to the higher platform. If you’ve picked the right spot, you will enter the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower.

Billson will be shocked to see you inside. To open up the gate to let him in, take away the Long Sticks on each side of the gate to unlock it. Yes, you don’t need Billson Mushrooms at all in Tears of the Kingdomin order to access the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and activate it!

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