Where to catch Sandy Shocks in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Where to catch Sandy Shocks in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 4

Postgame cleanup

Paradox Pokemon are a new concept in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and play a huge part in the story: particularly the final stretch. If you aren’t caught up on that part of the game yet, beware that the following guide will have light location-based spoilers!

Here’s the easiest way to capture Sandy Shocks: a Scarlet exclusive Pokemon.

First, you need to beat the game, and note that Sandy Shocks is a Scarlet exclusive

While several Paradox Pokemon can be seen and even captured before you finish Area Zero (the final zone of the game), you will need a clear file to go back and have the chance to encounter Sandy Shocks: it won’t spawn otherwise on your first run through it.

After you see the credits roll, you can fast travel back to Area Zero, and do some cleanup.

Head back into Area Zero, and teleport to Research Station No. 2

When you zone back into Area Zero, go directly to Research Station No. 2, which is now fully open via teleporters at the entrance, or within each individual research station. Go outside and look to the left of the door, where the rocky uphill area is. That general area is where you’ll find Sandy Shocks.

If it doesn’t spawn, run up the hill, run a few seconds past it; then turn around and run back to trigger an appearance. If that doesn’t work, you can picnic to reset spawns.

Sandy Shocks, like other Paradox Pokemon, does not evolve in the base game.

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