Where to catch Dreepy in Pokémon Violet

Where to catch Dreepy in Pokémon Violet 1

Dreepy, and its evolutions, are Violet exclusive

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Due to its power, unique design, and overall cuteness, Dreepy (more specifically Dragapult) has become a popular Pokemon of choice in the modern era. Here’s how to find it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


Where to find Dreepy in Pokemon Violet

While Dreepy can be found in many locations in Paldea (full image in the gallery above), we’ve found that one spot in particular offers a great farming opportunity. You’ll find it west of Levincia, near the cliffside next to the lone island.

You may also be able to find a Dreepy very early into the game, given that one of its spawn points is in a selection of the initial southern starting zones. Note that the description is accurate: it mainly gravitates toward areas with water, including wetlands.

How to evolve Dreepy into Drakaloak and Dragapult

There’s a bit of give and take with this evolutionary track. On one hand, it’s simple! It just requires leveling. Level your Dreepy to 50 to get it to evolve into a Drakaloak, and level it to 60 to evolve it into its final form: the powerful Dragapult.

On the other, level 60 is one of the heftiest leveling requirements in this generation: so just be aware that you might need to sink a lot of candies into Dreepy, or bring it with you on your travels!

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