Where to buy Frigidfish in WoW Dragonflight

Head to Iskaara

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Although the world of WoW Dragonflight might seem small once you’re soaring around with a maxed-out dragon, it’s dense in terms of content. Here’s where to find Frigidfish and complete the “Can We Keep It?” questline.

The Jinkutuk NPC in Iskaara sells Frigidfish

There’s a high concentration of NPCs and vendors in Iskaara (southwest of The Azure Span), but the one you’re looking for is Jinkutuk. They’re an unassuming vendor and herbalism trainer at coordinates 13.86, 49.47. Funnily enough it’s not the fish vendor that actually sells them! You’ll need to click into the NPC, then select the “let me browse your goods” option. It’s very easy to get confused and not actually locate the direct route to Frigidfish.

Frigidfish cost 1 gold, 12 silver, and 30 copper each, so it won’t break your bank. Instead of fishing in the nearby water for the Frigidfish (make sure you have the quest!), you can just buy them all here, and it’ll count.

You can use these to complete the quest “Can We Keep it?”

All you need to do is buy seven from Jinkutuk and you’re good. Alternatively, you can fish for them manually in the nearby body of water, but it’s faster to buy them.

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