Where is the Fortnite Cozy Lodge? It’s on the main menu

Where is the Fortnite Cozy Lodge? It's on the main menu 1

For a second, I was going to scour the island for it

After logging into Fortnite and seeing the Cozy Lodge quest/challenge, it’s easy to assume that you’d need to complete it in the actual game: since that’s how the vast majority of questlines are cleared. But this one is a lot easier to manage, as you don’t even need to play anything: just log in and treat it like a daily. Here’s where to find the Cozy Lodge and what it does.

You’ll find the Cozy Lodge right on the main menu: not on the island itself

Similar to the prior winter season event, you’ll find the Cozy Lodge right in the main menu, at the top of the screen. It’s represented by a blue snow flake icon: just click it and you’ll be transported to a new menu, with a new interactable lodge location. If you’re curious about the number at the top, that’s how many presents you can open (limited by a daily reset wait period from the start of the event).

You can also use the lodge to clear a Winterfest weekly pizza quest: all you need to do is click on the pizza on the floor on three separate days.

Just like last year, you can return here every day for up to 14 days for prizes

Each day beyond the initial Cozy Lodge kickoff (December 13), you’ll be able to open an incremental amount of presents. If you started on December 14, you get to open two: and so on. Return here each day while the event is running to unwrap a present and unlock a reward. Note that you only need to visit the lodge for 14 total days, and the event actually lasts a few days longer than that.

You’ll also be able to warm up (read: click on) the fireplace to earn a fixed amount of supercharged bonus XP. Don’t forget to leave that idle between sessions.

How long does the Fortnite 2022 Winterfest last?

It’ll run from December 13 at 9AM ET, through January 3, 2023 at 9AM ET.

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