Where is Dr. Reed’s secret Ocean Avenue lab in Dead Island 2?

dead island 2 dr. reed's secret lab location

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So, it looks like you’re finally learning some truths about the viral outbreak that has brought the undead to the sunny streets of HelL-A — And now that you’re bearing down on the realities behind Dead Island 2, it’s time to seek some answers, answers that you might find at the Ocean Avenue secret lab of Dr. Rueben Reed. The lab is pretty well hidden, and with just a photo to go on, you might need some help.

Where is Dr. Reed’s secret lab on Ocean Avenue?

During the mission “The Search for Truth”, the player is expected to search high and low in Ocean Avenue, digging out the elusive location as depicted in as photograph received earlier at the OSK tech store. This is one of the ways Dead Island 2 trusts the player to solve its mysteries. But if you’ve truly traipsed up and down the infested high streets and are still unable to find the lab, then we’ll tell you where it is right here.

dead island 2 guide dr reed secret lab ocean avenue
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Dr. Reed’s secret lab is located in the very South East corner of the Ocean Drive map, as depicted in the image above. Once you have found this garage entrance, then the Slayer will contact Dr. Reed’s daughter, Tisha, who will be able to open the door for you. From there, you can venture inside and get one step closer to the truth of the matter. What discovery awaits you? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself…

…But I’d bring a pretty hefty blunt instrument to the party, if I were you.

dr reed secret lab location dead island 2
image by Destructoid
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