Where do you go next in Harvestella? Just follow the icons

Where do you go next in Harvestella

Specifically, the orange “!”

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Harvestella is the next in a long line of modern farm simulators, but there’s some extra RPG elements baked in.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get around and make sense of the map.

Where do you go next in Harvestella 2

At the beginning of the game, you’ll start off in Lethe Village. Consider this the tutorial hub of sorts, as you’ll gain access to the storage system (which is magical and grants you access to each chest across the universe), and the introduction to the “main story” beat.

If you’re ever in doubt, or load up the game months/years down the line, you can rely on the main story exclamation mark icon to get to where you need to go. The icon itself is present in the main map menu (opened up via the “-” button on Switch), and is also visible on the minimap compass in the upper right hand corner of the screen when roaming about. The system is pretty friendly and omnipresent, and the icon will even show up outside of a door for a specific building you need to enter to progress the narrative.

Where do you go next in Harvestella beginner tips

Here are some other beginner tips for Harvestella:

  • Although the game doesn’t specifically teach you this at the start, you can hold ZL/left trigger to sprint, which is useful for getting around the sometimes sprawling locales and towns.
  • Make it a point to progress with the story as much as you can. Many areas are locked off at the start, and the more you play, the more zones/upgrades/conveniences/mechanics you’ll have access to.
  • After you sleep and end the day, Harvestella will auto-save. Don’t forget this if you’re worried about capturing your progress. Just like Stardew Valley you will collapse if you don’t return home by midnight, so start taking note of when it gets late, and work your way back home.
  • The first thing you should do every day, in the early game, is water your crops. It’s an easy thing to get in the habit of doing immediately after waking up.
  • There are two core stats that dictate most actions: hunger and stamina. The main way to refill both is by eating: as a hunger gauge with even one single value on it will replenish your stamina.
  • If you stand still on the world map, time will not pass. Use this to your advantage when deciding where to go next, instead of wandering aimlessly.
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