Where Call of Duty went and other mysteries of the universe

One day we were all walking along enjoying the weather and whistling a tune while we thought about playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Then the trailer dropped and the words “Call,” “of,” and “Duty” dropped along with it. Where did they go? Had they been stolen by the Wordburglarer? Or perhaps they had wandered off in the middle of the night hoping to make it big as a casual game on the Wii. No one really knew for sure until MTV Multiplayer used journalism to find out.

At E3 they did the obvious and asked Robert Bowling, MW2‘s community manager, where those three little words went. Bowling explains, “…this is just not another one in the Call of Duty franchise. This is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare. This has never happened in Call of Duty before. They’re typically all their own campaigns, totally unrelated to the previous one.”

This seems to explain it. However, if we look a little deeper we must consider that Modern Warfare had Call of Duty before it thus a sequel, especially a continuation of a story, should have it to. The sequel to a game with Call of Duty in the title should still have it despite being its own campaign or not since it is the subheader that the 2 is part of and not the Call of Duty which is the overaching series. Now that I have overanalyzed this incredible piece of minutiae the answer to those other mysteries of the universe follows.


Matthew Razak