When You’re Gone tells its story of love lost in painted comic style

Maybe it’s time to come home

In life, everybody deals with love, loss, and regret. When You’re Gone‘s premise is built on the relatability of its story: A middle-aged man reflects on his life and comes to terms with “the one who got away.” Protagonist Sam separated from Emma long ago, but only now is really dealing with it emotionally.

When You’re Gone is planned to be divided into two sections, the visual novel-esque explicit narrative and the more abstract platforming areas meant to represent Sam’s psyche. From a pure gameplay perspective it is not clear that this will be noteworthy, but as a narrative it looks like it can be quite powerful. The stylistic visuals don’t hurt either.

Developed by Swedish studio Winteractive, When You’re Gone is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Its base funding goal is 180,000 kronor, or close to $24,000.

Darren Nakamura
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