When is Black Clover Returning?

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Black Clover

Black Clover has been out of production since its 170th episode, “The Faraway Future” aired on March 30, 2021. The announcement that the magical, dark fantasy would be ending was news to many, given the manga was — and still is — publishing new chapters. So, here we are at the end of 2023, over two years following the final episode’s airing, and one question remains: when is Black Clover returning?

When is Black Clover returning? 

It pains me to say that no news has been announced regarding the return of Black Clover. As mentioned, the series finale (as of writing) aired on March 30, 2021 and as far as we can tell, no new episodes have entered the production phase. 

It’s possible that the reason for the abrupt ending of Black Clover can be attributed to the anime catching up with the manga. The anime entered the Spade Kingdom arc with episode 168, which seems to correspond to chapter 264. As of writing, the manga now has 368 chapters, and it seems to also be on hiatus with chapter 368 publishing on August 20.

Black Clover’s anime adaptation started airing on October 3, 2017, during the Fall 2017 anime season. The series follows Asta, a rambunctious, but dedicated young man who has dreams of becoming the Wizard King. It ran for 170 episodes, ending in March, 2021. A film, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, released on June 16, 2023, via Netflix. If we hear any news on Black Clover’s return, we’ll update this page accordingly. 

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