What’s your favorite game from Rare Replay?

You have 30 choices

I got my hands on Rare Replay, and I’ve been playing it quite a bit for our review next week. It’s crazy how addicting Blast Corps is, as I just completed it earlier this year on my N64, and was enticed to beat it yet again. I was also able to discover a bunch of games for the first time (Battletoads Arcade), and share some of my memories of the older entries in the collection with my wife.

I think out of all 30 included games though (the full list is here, for reference), my absolute favorite is still the first Banjo Kazooie. There’s something incredible about how Rare balanced the art of collectibles here, as it’s just enough to warrant some effort, but not enough to scare me away entirely (Donkey Kong 64).

Check out the list and share your favorite below!

Chris Carter
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