What’s the one original Xbox game you want to see on Xbox One?

I already got mine

Well, it happened — Morrowind is coming to the Xbox One by way of backward compatibility. No longer do I need to rely on my fished-out original Xbox to play the console version of the game (as I often do along with Jet Set Radio Future), as I can just boot it up on a modern platform.

Morrowind was a masterpiece that got me through a lot of tough times, and although it’s much more dated than a lot of you remember, the level of freedom it provides is unmatched in modern Bethesda games. I could RP to my heart’s content in Morrowind, and for hundreds of hours, I did.

So I already got my perfect original Xbox-on-Xbox-One release. Do you have a similar favorite you’d like to share? Even though it’s cheating I’ll also offer out JSRF, which is a pain to play as it was only released on the original Xbox — though granted it had two printings one of which was a dual pack with Sega GT 2002.

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