What’s the one game you wanted to see at E3 2018, but didn’t?

Can I get an update on FFVII Remake

“Man, Final Fantasy VII, that game rocked!” is a phrase I hear often from people who no longer touch video games. It was far from the best in the series but it’s a cultural touchstone, and one I like breaking down all these years later. It was legendary at my school too, as we’d pass around discs as we’d finish them and talk about the story so far.

Its Remake isn’t my most anticipated game at the moment, but it’s the one I want to hear about the most. Is it still episodic? What has Square Enix been working on after they shifted much of its development to an internal scope? Will we get to go on a date with Barret again?

The odds of getting a real beefy update on VII Remake at E3 this year were slim. Still, I thought Square Enix would take the opportunity to at least make an appearance or talk about it during their press event or Sony’s. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but it would have made that week a little sweeter.

What was the one thing you missed from this year’s E3?

Chris Carter
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