Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

Caveira suits a top hat

Hello all. How has your week been? We’re halfway through the year now, would you Adam and Eve it? It seems like only yesterday I was calling the local Argos on New Year’s Day and saying “What do you mean you don’t know if you’re getting in Lego Overwatch sets today?” Still, hope it’s been a prosperous year for you so far. If not, there’s till six months to go, and I believe in you. I really do.

I haven’t really been playing anything this week, it’s been kinda refreshing to be honest. All I’ve done is grind out a little bit of the first Grand Prix in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. I’m amused at how the first four new characters added to the game are all sultry bandicoot ladies, at least they know their audience. I’ve also been running around in Rainbow Six Siege’s rootin’ tootin’ showdown mode. I love seeing my gal Caveira as a stovepipe hat wearing bandito. Ubisoft should hook up with ArcSys and make a Siege fighter. Fuck it.

But enough about me, what have you – yes YOU – been playing this week? I know that the weather has been better for most of us, but damn the call of the black mirror, and the entertainment that lies within the ever-mounting backlog of releases. So drop us a note below and tell us what you’ve been hitting over the last seven days.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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