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Not enough ice cream in the world

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Hello good buddies, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? It’s been a scorcher of a week here in Blighty, where temperatures soared higher than they have ever been since records began. A tad worrying, to be honest, despite the interminable ramblings from miserable, Daily Mail-types who insisted that we were all being “cowards” by not wanting heatstroke. I swear that the Venn diagram of people who are angry at masks, angry at pronouns, and, apparently, angry at The Fucking Sun represents some kind of self-destructive death cult.

But that’s enough ranting, because what matters is us — here and now on the good ship Destructoid. I hope that this weekend finds you exceptionally well, in a cheerful mood, and free of lobster-red sunburn. Make the very most of the free time you have today. Don’t forget to exercise care for yourself and those who love you. We’re still in tough times — but, as the man said — we got each other, and that’s a lot.

Have a wicked one!

Mivvis were too expensive, now everything is Mivvi price

I picked up a new/old PC this week, gifted to me very kindly by one of my finest friends. While not Hardcore Redline Top Tier, it’s definitely something of an upgrade from my current unit, which is certainly on its last legs. It’s got enough oomph to run Cyberpunk 2077 at any rate.

Outside of desktop Frankenstein shenanigans, I am still jumping in and out of the ring with a litany of fighters, shaking off the rust ahead of going 0-2 at next month’s tournament. There’s been some Street Fighter V, some DNF Duel, some Street Fighter II, and even a spot of Guilty Gear Strive. I have, unfortunately, not had the chance to get to the meow-tastic Stray, which launched earlier this week on PlayStation platforms. It certainly looks divine, and I’ll be sure to get my whiskers on this summer.

Make mine a 99

Anyway, ain’t nothin’ left to it but to do it. So get on with your bad self and have an awesome weekend. Oh, but before you go, please take time to jump into the comments and share the good word on whatcha been playing with your fellow Destructoid community members. We all wanna hear about it, as demonstrated by the happy ‘n’ health 250-odd comments we got last week! Can we beat that number this weekend? Well, we can but try. Thanks for taking time out of your Saturday to join us here. Stay cool, stay safe, and stay you — That’s the person we love.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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