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whatcha been playing this week destructoid dnf duel

Can you set the oven to cold?

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Good morning, and from the barren wastelands of my arid homeland, I welcome you to Whatcha Been Playing? And if you haven’t guessed from that weak-ass intro, or my sweaty hands tap-tapping over the keyboard, it has been an absolute scorcher in Britain this week. I hear that you are suffering from your own intense heat wave, bringing with it more than its fair share of storms and monsoons.

I’d say it’s nice to see the sun, especially in grey old England, but hoooo boy, this might be too rich even for yer boy. I keep buying ice cream that melts on the two-minute walk home, I’m powering through cans of water, and we have officially entered “shirt change at 1600 hours” territory. I’m not gonna complain though, I’ll miss them when winter rolls around and the energy crisis means I can’t heat my home. I’ll also miss this when Planet Earth erupts into a huge fireball and, knowing my luck, it’ll happen right before they premier Juri’s Street fighter 6 trailer. Life is tough on me like that.

Oh, and yes, the heat has sent me into delirium. You hadn’t noticed a difference? Fair doos.

Worth its weight in Freeze Pops

With my first fighting game tournament since the pandemic a mere month away, my gaming time this week has mostly been spent in the ring, throwing down with various fighters and trying desperately to shake off that ring rust — now simply part of my core makeup. You can practice, practice, practice, but honestly, it’s no real comparison to actual on-site one-on-one gameplay. Even online play doesn’t really offer the same difficulties, intensity, frustration, and painful exposure of your own awful faults. Still, isn’t that why we play games? For… fun?..

DNF Duel is really good. Easy to pick up, dynamic to watch, chaotic to play. You should check it out.

Stay cool, homeslice

So, before I toss back the spit bucket and get back between the ropes, I wanna hear from all a’ y’all. Before you get stuck into your weekend, (or literally stuck into your faux leather gaming chairs), please dive into the comments and let us all know whatcha been playing. It’s been a quiet week for news and a generally quiet month for releases, so I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity to pick and choose some rad entertainment for your spare time. I love having you here and we love hearing from you all. So join the party and spill your thoughts. Don’t sweat it, I’ll clean them up afterward.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid. And Stay Cool.

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