Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing destructoid plague tale requiem

What a week

Good morning, good Saturday, and good weekend, friends, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? It’s been a hectic week for yer boy, as several members of the good ship Destructoid are indisposed or on vacation, leaving me with a chunky inbox, several important meetings, and some deadlines that seem to be rapidly increasing their approach speed, arriving with the merciless inevitability of an unloved season… I have a lot of work to do, is what I’m saying.

Regardless, it is the weekend, and I hope that this one finds you and yours very well indeed. Be sure to make time for the people and activities that you love, and give yourself a well-earned rest from the week’s hardships. And if, like myself, you are working today, then that’s cool too. We’re all in your corner, and we’re rooting for you to have a smooth shift, get home soon, and enjoy your evening. We gotchu.

So, we’re all in agreement, yeah? We’re gonna make this weekend work for us, all of us.

Sneak ‘n’ Bleak

In between all of the on-site and behind-the-scenes work, I’ve tried to find the time to squeeze in Asobo Team’s dark adventure sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem. I can’t share my thoughts right now, but be sure to look out for my review in the coming week. Frankly, I’m amazed I’ve been able to play anything, as my PS5 still displays the icon for the dearly departed Street Fighter 6 closed beta — still installed, but no longer connecting. Sigh… I don’t know how I am supposed to enjoy anything today as I have done in The Before Times (aka “last weekend”). Anytime now with that release date, Capcom, yeah?

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Lemme hear you Speak

I have to get back to the grindstone. But be sure to offer me some inspiration by partaking in this week’s Whatcha Been Playing. Y’all know how it works by now: dive into the comments and share with your fellow community members the releases, old and new, that have been keeping you entertained this week. WBP? is more than about gaming. It always has been. It’s about friendship, fellowship, community, and solidarity against the trials and tribulations of the working week. And you never know who might be looking on this time, so let’s show them what we’re all about folks, ok?

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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