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whatcha been playing street fighter 6

Gamescom and on and on

Hey! Hey! Hey! So happy to see you again, friends, and welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? You find Destructoid recuperating after several days of news, updates, and reveals that spilled out of Gamescom 2022. Did you see anything you liked? Gotta admit, it feels like The Geoff Showcase is starting to spread a little thinner, given that Summer Game Fest had a lot more “big deal” trailers and reveals.

Still, I’m all in for the aesthetic and style of Lies of P, and it’s pretty funny to see Killer Klowns from Outer Space get an adaptation nobody was expecting. But, for the most part, I’m not feeling much of what’s been on show this week, least of all the purposefully obscure Everywhere, which opened Gamescom with its obnoxiously abstract descriptions. Not for me, thanks. Still, I gotta stop complaining — It’s the weekend and I’m very happy to be here. Thanks a ton for stopping by. Love seeing you here.

R-yu Ok

I’ve been pretty much inundated over the past seven days. I’m currently picking my way through Spiders’ upcoming robo-revolution Steelrising (review coming soon), while also catching up on the changes that season one has wrought upon button-masher MultiVersus. I have also dipped back into Hades, as there is still much to be done in the friendships and politics of the underworld.

As you may know, I also spent last weekend at VSFighting X, battling it out in Street Fighter V, Super Turbo, and DNF Duel. How did I do? Ehhh, reasonably, all things considered. I will admit I would have liked to have done much better. Maybe next time. I also finally got some time with an early build of the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6, and you can find my thoughts on this grower of a game right here. I can’t wait to check out a more complete edition of the great-looking sequel and my great-looking Juri.

Brawl in the Family

And that’ll do it for me this weekend. Given my ongoing exhaustion, I plan to do very little today. But I hope that you have a fun, happy, and eventful Saturday. Before you get your plans underway, I’d love it if you dived into the comments and filled us all in on Whatcha Been Playing. You all know the score, but we’ve had some new members join the party lately, so, to recap, all you need do is share with us the games you’re currently playing, along with a few simple thoughts on them.

You’ll be surprised how much of an influence you will be on both our staff and your fellow community members. I truly believe we have one of the strongest, most open-minded, and most “listening” communities in gaming, so spin the good (or bad) word on your current gaming interests, and maybe you’ll tune in other readers to their own latest gaming obsession. And, if you haven’t been playing anything, then just chat with us. That’s fine too! There are no rules! (There are some rules).

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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