Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing jubilee

Happy Jubilee (pictured)

Morning, friends, and welcome to the first Whatcha Been Playing of June! Let me kick things off by thanking all y’all for checking into last week’s 200th entry and giving us the meatiest comment section WBP has had in some time. It was awesome to see so much of the community showing out in force, as y’all do week after week. Long may it continue, long may we all continue.

As I continue to arrange the furniture (ie. Kotobukiya models) in my new homestead, I hope that your week and weekend have been/will be wicked ones. As we approach the summer months, here’s hoping for some lovely weather and some great outdoor action. Go on an adventure with friends, like Stand By Me… Except without the corpse… or Keifer Sutherland flashing a switchblade… or nearly being killed by a train… Damn, going outdoors is pretty dangerous, come to think of it. Best leave it to the movies.

Royal Rumble

This weekend is the Platinum Jubilee, in which every Brit is expected to wrap themselves, their homes, and their families in Union flags to celebrate the monarch’s 70-year reign. While that’s admittedly a mighty achievement, I simply do not give a shit. As such, I will not be sat my garden celebrating the maddening, ever-increasing levels of austerity and poverty that are beating the UK into submission. Instead, I will be watching dipshit movies, run ‘n’ gunning through Returnal, and clambering back into the ring with Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Strive. I don’t need a royal family when I can endlessly bow before my bevy of fighting game queens.

Let Them Eat Flags

You want royalty? Look in the mirror. The Destructoid community is our monarchy, just without the gold coaches or the sexual deviance. Well, without the gold coaches at any rate. So before you go visit your own throne, (don’t forget to flush), I’d like all y’all to kneel at the alter of Whatcha Been Playing and fill us all in on the awesome adventures that you’ve experienced this week. The quiet month of May offered us all a little catchup opportunity, so whatever’s spinning in your drive, be sure to share it with us.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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