For the 200th time, whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing evil dead the game

Well hellooo, Mr. Fancy Pants…

Maybe I ain’t running jack and shit, but I am running this: the official* 200th edition of Whatcha Been Playing! That’s 200 straight weeks of you and me getting together on Saturday morning for some purple prose, some weekday reflections, and hundreds upon hundreds of your delightful comments. Thank you ever so much for always taking time out of your weekends to stop by. It’s not always easy digging into the ol’ noodle for words, especially at the end of the long working week, but I always find verbiage worth spewing, because you deserve it. All of you.

If you’re gonna spend some spare time with yer sad sexy goth pal Moyse, (on a Saturday, no less!), then the least that I can do is be here to meet all of your needs… ALL of your needs. Thanks for being a part of this simple weekly gathering.

As my dear friend Occams has told me time and again “It’s not much, but it’s home.”

We’re gonna get you…

The house move is, essentially, finished. Thus I am broadcasting this week’s entry from a new chair, a new desk, a new monitor, and a new location! I am still, unfortunately, dealing with a couple of teething problems in the new place, (mostly involving an utterly rancid stink in the kitchen), but the house and area appear to be a huge upgrade. Given that I lived in the Ninth Circle of Hell, the bar was admittedly low, but it’s an upgrade all the same. Oh, and speaking of the Netherrealm, I now have my consoles up and running and have spent a few hours this week slaying Deadites, lighting fires, and yelling at people to Get on the Objective in Saber’s Evil Dead: The Game.

It’s kind of a beautiful, broken, mess. You can read all of my thoughts on it right here.

Lady, I’m gonna hafta ask ya to leave the store

As we all know, the weekend doesn’t start until you’ve dropped your comment. You do want the weekend to start, right? Nobody wants to be left in Friday/Saturday purgatory. So, you know the score, dive into the comments and let us all know Whatcha Been Playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smash hit from yesteryear, a modern-day disaster, a bit of backlog catchup, or even just more Elden Ring — everybody is welcome, and everybody is appreciated. I was grateful for you in week one, and I’m grateful for you in week 200. That comes straight from the heart, friends.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

*due to Destructoid migrating last year, the numbers are all over the place, but by my calculations… yeah.

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