Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

whatcha been playing ms y streets of rage

Ms. Y can’t I look as cool as her?

And as surely as night follows day, it is the weekend, friends. Welcome to Whatcha Been Playing? I hope that the week has been good to you, and that you have a cool couple of days ahead, whatever it is you may have scrawled in your planner. This particular year has felt pretty much non-stop. At least that is how it has been for myself and everyone I’ve spoken with. I think a combination of world nastiness, increasing awareness, and the regular 9-t0-5 haunt has been a lil’ tough on everybody in 2021. But as long as you stay true to yourself, and look after those around you, the journey continues. We’re all in this together and we’ve all got each others’ backs. You’re doing great. I’m proud of you, yeah?

As you should be proud of me. I’ve been making up for my sins in the streets. The streets of Wood Oak City to be exact, as Dotemu‘s excellent Streets of Rage 4 refuses to take its hooks out of me. A fantastic release made even better by the addition of generous and modestly priced DLC, SoR 4 is the bar for scrolling brawlers going forward. Incredibly deep, smartly designed, super satisfying, and wickedly compelling. Not to mention hot af, thanks to its roster of absolute stunners. Has there ever been a sexier pair of gaming siblings as Mr. and Ms. Y? I’m not sure. Doesn’t make them any the less irritating at any rate. Still, I’m being handed S-ranks like it’s going out of fashion, courtesy of a series of knuckle sandwiches from my gal Estel Aguirre. The Strong Arm of the Law.

Anyway, enough swooning from yer boy. Before your weekend gets underway, jump into the comments and converse with your fellow community members on the games currently spinning in your HDDs. It only takes a few seconds and it really helps the camaraderie around the good ship Dtoid. I’m sure many of you are still rocking Metroid Dread, but after a very solid year of gaming, there’s plenty of good games in the ol’ backlog. So whether you’re playing some brand new or as old as me, share it with us. We all wanna hear Whatcha Been Playing.

Have a wonderful weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

Chris Moyse
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