What you can do with your houses in Fable III

When I play Fable, I have a tendency to buy absolutely everything on the map as soon as I possibly can without resorting to killing everybody in a town (that usually comes later). And while I liked owning the properties and setting rents for them, there really wasn’t anything more to do with them and I was often frustrated by the decorating options available for my personal home even if I couldn’t give a toss less about how my tenants might feel about their own.

It looks like the Lionhead people are at least trying to make the homes more inviting to players. In the above video, you can see what’s new with housing in Fable III. Most of it is stuff you could already do in Fable II, like selecting furniture and raising rents. Now the options for what can be placed where are being opened up a bit, though I do find it curious that only the rug is mentioned as being a movable item. I hope that other furniture can be similarly moved.

Also, I want to hang out with Jasper. He seems like my kind of snob.

Conrad Zimmerman