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What should you do to prepare for the 7-Star Typhlosion raid?

Turn Typhlosion into an explosion

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In a commitment to ensure I never sleep, Game Freak has already announced the next 7-Star raid challenge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. From April 14 to April 16, Typhlosion will be available as the next Pokemon with the Mightiest Mark title. If you can’t log in this weekend, it will rerun the following weekend from April 21 to April 23.

We know Typhlosion will have the Ghost Tera Type, which is a fun reference to Hisuian Typhlosion from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. However, like many previous raids, Typhlosion is difficult to prepare for. At first glance, Dark-Type Pokemon should be the best counter to a Ghost-Type Pokemon. However, if Typhlosion knows a Fighting-Type move, most Dark-Type monsters suddenly become a liability. Considering how long it takes to fully takes to train a Pokemon for Tera Raids, you don’t want to build a monster that winds up being mediocre for the encounter.

However, you can at least make some preparations now that will save you time when the event goes live. Here’s what you should do.

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Catch Pokemon that are likely to counter Typhlosion

Like our preparations for Samurott, players who have completed their Pokedex have this step down. If you haven’t caught them all yet, catch monsters you might want to use against Typhlosion. It’s likely that Typhlosion will use special attacks, and we can at least assume that it will use Fire and Ghost-Type attacks.

As mentioned above, we can’t predict which Pokemon will be optimal. For now, I’d recommend catching as many Dark-Type Pokemon as you can, as well as Pokemon that resist Fire-Type attacks. Here are some potential picks:

Houndoom: If Typhlosion doesn’t bring any Fighting-Type attacks, Houndoom’s Fire/Dark combination will make for a great counter. Houndoom can also learn the ability Flash Fire, giving it total immunity to Fire-Type attacks.

Roaring Moon: Dark/Dragon is another great combination against Typhlosion, especially combined with Roaring Moon’s enormous attack stat. It is also capable of learning Roost, giving it valuable sustain for the fight. If you can’t get Roaring Moon, Hydreigon has the same typing and is similarly powerful.

Spiritomb: If Typhlosion does know Fighting-Type attacks, Spiritomb’s Ghost/Dark combination will give it valuable immunity. It will still take neutral damage from Fire and Ghost-Type attacks, so it may need party support.

Honchkrow: Like Spiritomb, Honchkrow’s Dark/Flying typing will fend off Fighting-Type attacks. It resists Ghost-Type attacks better than Spiritomb, but Fire-Type attacks will still inflict neutral damage.

Hisuian Zoroark: Anyone who preordered the DLC for Scarlet & Violet got a code for this monster. With a Normal/Ghost typing, Hisuian Zoroark will bring immunity to Ghost and potential Fighting-Type attacks. Its high Special Attack should help it hit especially hard.

Chansey: If there is no threat of physical attacks, a Chansey holding an Eviolite will take hits like a tank. Life Dew and Light Screen should be invaluable.

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Stock up on TMs

If Samurott taught us anything, it’s that less obvious Pokemon Types can become MVPs. Typhlosion may follow this pattern, meaning you should be prepared to equip other Pokemon with moves to counter Ghosts.

All Ghost and Dark-Type attacks are worth having on hand. Support moves that get used in nearly all raids are also worth stocking up on. If you’d like to look at the best support TMs, check out our list here.

For Typhlosion specifically, I’d recommend having at least one of each of the following:

(TM061) Shadow Claw – While not especially strong, this is a solid Ghost-Type physical attack.

(TM062) Foul Play – A strong Dark-Type physical attack based off the opponent’s Attack stat. If Typhlosion winds up being a hybrid attacker, this could get use.

(TM094) Dark Pulse – The premier Dark-Type special attack. Its chance to make the opponent flinch may also bolster survivability during the fight.

(TM108) Crunch – A bread and butter Dark-Type physical attack that even has a chance to lower Typhlosion’s Defense.

(TM114) Shadow BallThe Ghost-Type attack, as long as you’re using a Pokemon prioritizing Special Attack. Like Crunch, this comes with a chance to lower Typhlosion’s Special Defense.

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Make lots of money

Waiting to see Typhlosion’s final moveset will help you decide on an ideal counter. However, you likely don’t want to waste time grinding while the event is live either. The best way to circumvent this problem is to farm a ton of money beforehand.

If you have cash to spare, you can get items to instantly max your Pokemon’s EVs and IVs by visiting Chansey Supply in Mesagoza. Getting everything you need for one Pokemon should cost approximately 500,000 dollars. This is a steep price, but fortunately, you can reduce the grind significantly by following a few steps.

Check out our money farming guide here!

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Check for updates

Finally, make sure your game is fully updated by the time the event goes live. The Walking Wake and Iron Leaves event had a pretty nasty glitch occur if players didn’t update beforehand, so you’ll want to avoid that same fate. This hasn’t been an issue for other 7-Star raid events, but you can never be too careful.

There are plenty of battle preparations you can make, but in the end, don’t go overboard covering every base. Stock up on the things you think you might need and grab the resources to fully build two or three Pokemon if you plan to farm the event. One-and-done players can wait for solo builds to appear, so feel free to take any angle that keeps your grinding to a minimum.

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