The best TMs for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Always have these TMs on hand

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been on the scene for some time, but they’ve kept dedicated players on the hook since launch. While many trainers have long since caught them all, we’re still pouring hours into the game to compete with difficult 7-Star Tera Raid Events.

Succeeding in the highest-end difficulty of Tera Raids is no joke. For example, you need to bring a steady balance of offense and defense to get a comfortable victory in most encounters. Obviously, your offensive options will vary depending on which Pokemon you’re up against. However, many support moves have seen use in virtually every encounter we’ve seen so far. If you want to give your monsters a fighting chance in these tough fights, consider farming a few copies of the following TMs.

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The best Buff TMs for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

(TM064) Bulk Up – Bulk Up raises both Attack and Defense stats simultaneously. If you’re using a physical attacker against a physical attacker, this move will give you the buffs you need.

(TM074) Reflect – Reflect raises your party’s Physical Defense. Easily one of the best support moves for Tera Raid battles, as it’s only thwarted by critical hits and specific moves.

(TM075) Light ScreenJust like Reflect, only this raises Special Defense. If the enemy uses Special Attacks, you want to use this.

(TM088) Swords Dance – Sharply raises physical attack. If you’re bringing a physical attacker to a raid, attack boosts will give its hits way more mileage.

(TM104) Iron Defense – This will sharply increase your Pokemon’s Defense. Against physical attackers, even one Iron Defense can help you maintain momentum throughout the fight.

(TM128) Amnesia – As a sort of companion skill to Iron Defense, Amnesia sharply boosts Special Defense. Invaluable against special attackers.

(TM129) Calm Mind – The Special equivalent of Bulk Up. This move raises Special Attack and Special Defense by one stage, providing mixed stat increases that can come in clutch.

(TM130) Helping HandIf you’re building a pure support Pokemon, Helping Hand is your best option to contribute damage. Use this to boost the attack of your party’s lead damage dealer.

(TM140) Nasty Plot – The Special Swords Dance. This move sharply increases Special Attack, giving your dedicated special attackers a notable edge.

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The best debuff TMs for Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

(TM002) Charm – Charm sharply lower’s the target’s Attack stat. While this won’t help against critical hits or during shield phases, charm still adds vital survivability.

(TM003) Fake Tears – Sharply lower the target’s Special Defense. Inferior to Acid Spray, but still serviceable if that isn’t an option.

(TM005) Mud Slap – Lowering accuracy is a good “if all else fails” option in raids. While not always an ideal support move, dodging even one attack can make a huge impact. Mud Slap is also notable for being effective during shield phases.

(TM013) Acid Spray – Not only does Acid Spray sharply lower Special Defense, it also hits during a Pokemon’s shield phase. Acid Spray is a mainstay in several Tera Raid strategies.

(TM022) Chilling Water – A mainstay attack in many 7-Star Tera Raids. While it only hits with a standard attack debuff, it most importantly can hit through an enemy’s shield phase.

(TM087) Taunt – Many 7-Star Tera Raid Pokemon use stat-boosting moves. If timed right, Taunt will circumvent these stat buffs and potentially save your team. While not valuable in every encounter, it can make a huge impact.

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