What major MOBA are you playing right now?

I’m down with Heroes of the Storm

“MOBA” is often a bad word/phrase in video game circles. As a fan of them since 2005 I kind of just shrug it off though — this genre is here, and it’s popular, guys. Embrace it or don’t play it! 

My MOBA history has been pretty straight-forward. I dabble in just about everything to see if I’ll enjoy it (much like MMOs), but my “main” games have been the original DOTA, then League, and now, Heroes of the Storm. For the most part, I do gravitate towards what my friends play. Initially, my entire college dorm hall played the original DOTA, and times were good. Then when the bubble started to burst, League was at the top, and we played that for years on end.

I’ve noticed though that a lot of people have started to naturally shift towards Heroes of the Storm, whether it’s due to their favorite Blizzard character being added, or the more relaxed nature in general. But what about you? Are you still playing Heroes of Newerth? Have you moved on to SMITE, or are you still a tried and true DOTA 2 fan? Or, do you just not play MOBAs at all?

Sound off! If your game isn’t listed here, feel free to share.

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