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What level should your team be for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC?

You're probably already overleveled, honestly

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask has made its debut just shy of a year after Scarlet & Violet launched. Some may have quit their original file right after watching the credits. Others may have gone hard clearing Tera Raid battles and already have a decked-out level 100 team. There’s a pretty huge power gap between those two camps, so what level should your team be for The Teal Mask?

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For casual players who have finished the game, you’ll only need to be around level 60 to match what The Teal Mask DLC will throw at you. You should be comfortably past this point by the time you finish the game, so feel free to enter here. The trainer Pokemon and wild Pokemon hover around the same level, though note that you may see other Pokemon at relatively higher levels. Even near the starting areas, you may encounter monsters closer to level 70.

If anything, I’d say people with max level teams may want to swap to lower-level monsters if they want any kind of challenge here. Additionally, the Pokemon you’ll first see in the DLC are generally unevolved. So even if you are underleveled, you should do just fine beating the likes of Ekans and Poochyena.

Poochyena level scaling in Pokemon Scarlet Violet The Teal Mask
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Do Pokemon level scale in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC?

We can confirm that some level scaling will happen in The Teal Mask. If you try to enter the DLC area as soon as you’re able to in the story, the enemy Pokemon will hover around level 12 instead. This extends to both the trainer Pokemon and the wild monsters, so nothing should scare you off here!

We can’t say for sure how the level scaling in The Teal Mask works yet. If it’s like the level scaling for the DLC in Pokemon Sword & Shield, then monsters here would scale depending on your story progress. While we can’t nail down the specifics, I’d recommend expecting enemy Pokemon levels to rise as you defeat gym leaders and clear other objectives on your treasure hunt. We’ll update this page as we learn more.

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