Before God of War Ragnarok can explain what a Juicy Nokken is, Kratos cuts things off


A few hours into God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus speak to Sindri about why Brok (Sindri’s smithing partner and brother) was banned from Alfheim: realm of the elves. Things are kept really vague, but most people can likely guess at the implication.

Here is the entire God of War Ragnarok Juicy Nokken exchange, straight from the game:

Atreus: “Surprised to see you out here, Sindri! You must hate the sand.”

Sindri: “Oh it IS the worst! But with Brok banned from Alfheim, it’s up to me to keep you ship shape and sharp.”

Atreus: “So why is Brok banned from Alfheim?”

Sindri: “Oh that’s…um. I don’t know if…well – do you know what a Juicy Nokken is?”

Atreus: “No.”

Sindri: “Well, thanks to Brok, the Elves sure do.”

Atreus: “Uh…what IS a Juicy-”

Kratos: “No.”

Okay, breaking this down, the Nokken (or Nixie) is a water spirit in European folklore. Depending on the context and region, Nokkens have numerous tendencies; two of which include morphing into horses, or luring men to their death via water (just like other mythological creatures).

The entire exchange above is all the info we have on the subject, and the rest is left up to whatever you can conjure up. Suffice to say, Brok did something brash and extremely Brok, and isn’t welcome back to Alfheim, or the company of the elves. It fits the character, and it’s probably a good thing that Kratos cut Sindri off and everything is up in the air!

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