What are our personal least favorite 10/10 games?

Or, The One Where Kyle Leaves

Games get perfect 10 scores from time to time. It’s not often, and it’s usually only the truly special ones that reach this peak. Those games clearly meant a lot to the reviewers who played them.

But, on occasion, those of us who aren’t tasked with reviewing something just can’t quite agree with the fact that it got a perfect score. That’s okay. Reviews are subjective and opinions, so it’s natural that we don’t always see eye to eye. That’s the focus of this week’s Podtoid; we play Bad Coworkers and discuss which games we personally wouldn’t have given tens to.

That’s not all that Podtoid 348: See You, Space Cowboy has in store, though. A few other talking points are a famous dead gorilla, sexy time with martians, me hopping on the Soylent bandwagon, and how Steven’s a terrible and unsupportive friend.

Also, things take an emotional turn toward the end as Kyle announces his departure from Destructoid. (Only Kyle read this next part.) Thanks for all that you’ve done for Podtoid, as a coworker, and as a friend. We’ll miss having you around, bud.

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Brett Makedonski
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