We’re getting more Layers of Fear in August

New story DLC

Bloober Team is continuing the Layers of Fear story with Inheritance, an add-on coming to all platforms on August 2, and I think I’m down for more. The psychological jump-scares grew predictable well before the game concluded, but I thought the spooky shifting environments were pretty neat.

In this upcoming DLC, rather than reprise the role of the delusional painter, we’ll take control of his daughter as she returns home. “Players will lead the daughter through what’s left of the mansion and take part in the madness that her father bestowed upon the whole family,” reads the summary. “Face the memories of her past and shape them into the destiny that awaits her.”

Translation: she’ll probably slip into madness. According to the studio, there are two “distinct” endings determined by “how you play.” Other than that, details are light. Inheritance will cost $4.99.

Jordan Devore
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