‘Welcome to my toilet’ No More Heroes 2 video dev diary

One of the hardest things about working here is trying to come up with catchy and fun stuff in a matter of seconds after getting a news tip. The process is like a combination of improvisational comedy, public relations, and journalism, and it’s sometimes harder than it looks.

That’s why I’m grateful to guys like Suda51. Within the first few minutes of his latest developer diary for No More Heroes 2, he’s already spewed out at least a week’s worth of fun headlines. “When it comes to No More Heroes” he says “I basically work like a bathroom toilet. I consume everything I see, everything I eat, and whatever I do, and then when I take a sh*t, everything comes out perfectly. Welcome to my toilet.” Then his head explodes.

Thank you, Suda. My work here is done. Hit the jump to see this new head-exploding video for yourself, which includes tons of new game footage and spoiler-ish info on No More Heroes 2. I’ve placed it after jump due to some NSFW language.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Dev Diary #2- Story [Gamespot]

Jonathan Holmes
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