Weekend Scraps: Black goat of the ROCK! (9/12/08-9/14/08)


I picked up Rock Band 2 today, as I’m sure many of you did, and have immediately set to work ingesting as much of the experience as I can. It would have been nice to get a full four players together for the afternoon, but it wasn’t meant to be. I do, however, have the greatest band name ever: Shubby and The Thousand Young. Brilliance does come at a price, sadly. The name no doubt cements my position as one of the dorkiest people alive.

Here are some stories we didn’t cover over the weekend. After you’ve read them, pop into the comments and tell me what your awesome band names are.

  • AOL is offering new UK subscribers a PS3. They’re not giving it to you; they’re just tacking the price on top of your monthly plan. [BroadbandChoices]
  • In Capcom’s annual report, they make mention of taking a few of their popular franchises into the online space. Specifically, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Phoenix Wright. [Playtastic]
  • A new gaming-related charity has sprung up. Play videogames on October 18th and help provide some scratch towards a cure for pediatric cancer. [Sarcasticgamer]
  • Atari’s recent influx of cash from Namco Bandai is going to be put to use forging a new distribution company servicing European publishers. Just as long as they stop making crap games, I don’t care. [MCV]
Conrad Zimmerman