Weekend PC download deals – Enlight, Sanctum, Tropico

Ok, haven’t done a weekend roundup for a few weeks now, so please excuse my tardiness but there’s plenty to cover. Good Old Games has its sale, this time on the catalog of Enlight Software, makers of the Capatalism and Seven Kingdoms franchises as well as Restaurant Empire. Purchase all the games in the bundle for a 60% discount.

Steam has a couple of different offers this weekend, as well as a slyly hidden gem. The big offer is 50% off the popular FPS/tower defense game Sanctum. Not only is the game’s price cut in half but it’s a free weekend too meaning you can try before you buy. The main game is priced at $4.99 but there’s also 50% off the bundle that includes the soundtrack and all the DLC.

The other big Steam deal this weekend is for the Tropico series, with discounts of between 33% and 66% on Tropico 3 and this year’s Tropico 4, plus their various DLC packs and strategy guides.

The final offer right now is on L.A. Noire which itself has a 10% discount on pre-purchase but buying Team Bondi’s police procedure game also allows you to save 75% off any Rockstar game for this weekend only. So if you missed the recent Rockstar sale and you’re planning on getting L.A. Noire, you’re in line for some extra savings. 

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