Weekend Destructainment: Row! Row! NERD POWAH

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This has to be one of the best covers ever: Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” done on Jam Sessions DS, Midi, and a theremin. Full details are on the YouTube page on how this was all done. Also, this whole video is all one take. Simply amazing. Thanks, Wardrox!

After the break, the Destructainment continues on with more Guitar Hero related nut shots. Then it’s an old school ad for Streets of Rage. Next up, something that will make you all hate me very much. 

Next, the 90’s called and it wants its stuff back. Then watch the best live performance of Rock Band. Next up, a typography music video for “Still Alive”. Random Robot Intermission is next with Dirty Robot. The Destructainment ends with a Leon from Resident Evil 4 going out in style. 

More Guitar Hero nut shots! The commentary at the end is classic.

Old school ad for Streets of Rage for Sega Genesis. YEAH! NERD POWAH!

I suffered through this and I love sharing my pain with others. Spotted on Ectomo

The 90’s called. Also, that was the best time to be a gamer IMO. 

Shawn from Mega64 rocking out at Rock Band.

“Still Alive” done Kinetic Typography style. Spotted on vaintrain’s C Blog.

Random Robot Intermission: Dirty Robot. Spotted on Danmartigan’s C blog.

Leon S. Kennedy dies in style.

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