Weekend Destructainment: I put my hand upon your hip, when I dip you dip we dip

Here’s the latest skit from Mega64. This was originally going to be released when the Wii launched but do to the peoples reactions in the video, Ubi Soft decided to not go through with it. The funny thing is Mega64 has done a lot worse stuff in public but never got this kind of reaction before. Old women and their lawyer husbands, a deadly combination.
Ten videos round out this edition of Weekend D. After the jump, things get started off with a guy beating Super Mario Bros with his feet. A live version of a song from PaRappa is after that. Followed by an ad for Sega Saturn in Japan. Then Doom being played on a TI-83.
Next, a video showing how insane Guitar Hero 2 really is. Then a how to guide at finding all of the cogs in Gears. A live stage show of Street Fighter plus the ending scene for Chun Li follow that. A top 10 video of the best NES games finish off the list. Oh, AND REAL LIFE SEAMAN!

This guy beats Super Mario Bros in under ten minutes. With his feet. (Spotted on The Last Boss)

A song from PaRappa done live. (Spotted on Kotaku)

The ad for Sega Saturn in Japan (Spotted on TechEBlog)

Doom running on a TI-83

The song “Through Fire and Flames” done on Expert in Guitar Hero 2 (HOLY SH*T)

Where to find all of the cogs in Gears of War. Thanks Rigoberto!

Another stage show set to Street Fighter.  

Ok, sorry. The above video wasn’t that great. So here’s Chun Lis ending in Japanese!

REAL LIFE SEAMAN!!!11! Thanks Thomas!

Top 10 list of the best NES commercials from Japan. (Spotted on Neatorama — Thanks Alain!)

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