Weekend Destructainment:
14 Videos to waste your time with

Wow, this was a lot funnier when I was watching it at 3 in the morning. Now though? I don’t know. What do you think? Did he have the right to defend him self against the disabled kid? And speaking of fights and video games, have you any of you ever got to the point of physical violence cause of a video game?Zelda: A Link o the Past Time AttackG4 Icons on NintendoA PSP Fanboy tells Sony how to make the PSP better….LMAO (Via PSPFanboys)Attack of the Show is on crackBanjo Tooies hidden sexual innuendo #1Banjo Tooies hidden sexual innuendo #2 (both via Gay Gamers)The FF 10 theme re-pianorizedHow to by pass the barriers in the Saint Rows demoGamePro TV Episode 1Chapter 2: How to detect cheaters in Counter StrikeThis is just one of the reasons I hate kidsGT3 brought to real life…these guys are nuts, they should have died.A hilarious and crazy mod for Halo 1 on the PC

Hamza Aziz